Saturday, October 28, 2006

Proper Vestments for priest and altar in the Novus Ordo?

Well, this is what we get in Australia. St Francis Xavier's parish in Box Hill, see for yourself. What are the kiddies being made to think about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? How can it be anything sacred, when from Grade 2, the priest, acting in Persona Christi can take a seat on the carpet of the sanctuary, turn his back to Christ in the tabernacle and let his Grade 2ers come in in football gear and street wear into the House of God? How can these children develop a mature faith and understanding of the Mass as the "Source and Summit" as HQ and JPII call it?

Let's look instead at how it can be done: Joee Bloggs helpfully includes some photos of the Mass - a Novus Ordo Mass - celebrated for the elevation of Dom Cuthbert Brogan OSB to Abbot at Farnborough Abbey UK.

Is there any reason why an altar in the Novus Ordo could not be vested like this? A proper Altar frontel and frontlette would (a) represent a return to the venerable tradition of veiling the sacred (b) help disguise the protestant tables most Australian churches suffer from. Also, is there any reason why proper vestements like these cannot be used? I'd suggest not. And it's not like Australian parishes don't have them tucked away, either. This is why Australian Catholicism is largely a branch of the Protestant churches. There's little difference these days. And they wonder why kiddies (and everyone else) think Mass is boring. Do it properly guys, and the churches would be much fuller than they are now.


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